Extra convenience for guests or the kids, the kitchenette helps make the upstairs living space self-sufficient and includes luxury appointments such as a granite countertop and custom cabinetry.

Room Dimensions

  • Kitchenette: 11 X 12

Room Details

  • Expansive granite countertop with undermount sink
  • Plenty of room for a microwave oven and space for a mini-fridge
  • Custom cabinetry
  • Room for a mini-fridge or ice maker measuring up to 2 feet wide
  • Spacious 4-foot-wide hallways leading to the Observation Deck
  • Kitchenette and hallway look out over the downstairs Entry and Formal Living Room

Notable Features

Wide Granite Countertop

Featuring an undermount sink and plenty of space for a microwave and coffee service with room for a mini-fridge below.

Spacious Built-ins

Seven large cabinets and three drawers provide plenty of storage space for food, dishes, and small appliances.


The kitchenette provides the upstairs suites with privacy and independence from the main kitchen downstairs.